200 Hour RYT Yoga Instructor 

I am excited to share the rewarding benefits of yoga to everyone, in all walks of life.  When I started practicing yoga a few years ago I struggled with stress, anxiety, identity and connection.  I came to yoga practice feeling overwhelmingly self-conscious, intimidated and lacking purpose.  If you have ever felt this way you know exactly how disconnecting this can be.  I kept coming back, yoga was working, I felt at peace and connected in my own skin. I had come home, and I wanted to learn more and share the transition. I have since completed my 200 hour and 300-hour yoga training and my classes are structured to give a balance in building strength, flexibility with a pace that leaves you feeling renewed, no matter what level you are in your practice. I love when I hear, “That is exactly what I needed, thank you.” My draw to helping others heal and find balance and connection is what drives me to teach yoga, provide Reiki healing, health and life coaching.  Namaste.

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