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I am a seeker, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. My greatest calling in this life is to support others in their journey toward healing. I am fascinated by all things spiritual. There is nothing I like more than sharing that passion with others who are on the same path. My services are geared toward healing and personal empowerment. The tools I use include tarot, oracle cards, meditation, Akashic Records, and reiki. I am thankful to be part of a wonderful community like Soul Studio, where a supportive and joyful environment allows for spiritual discovery.

Tarot Healing Session

Tarot is a powerful tool for accessing your own inner guidance system. A reading can provide you with the confidence you need to move forward, find healing, or get to know yourself better. My readings are focused on healing and empowerment. You already have the answers you are seeking; I can help you see them more clearly. 

            30 minutes- $40 (established clients)

            60 minutes- $75

            With a chakra balancing- 80 minutes-$90



Distance Tarot Healing

Not available to come to the Studio? You have access to the same healing and guidance with a distance tarot healing session. When you book a distance session, I will contact you via email and we will have a short consultation about what you are seeking from the tarot. I will perform the reading and send you a photograph of your cards along with an audio recording (approximately 30 minutes long). Once you receive your reading you will have 48 hours to ask any follow up questions through email.

            30 minute audio recording- $75


Quick Chakra Balancing

If you are feeling a little off, a quick 30 minute chakra balancing could put you back on the right track. I use Reiki and crystals to open and balance your seven chakras to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. This is great for clients who regularly receive energy healing and need a quick pick me up, or as a compliment to a Tarot Healing Session.

            30 minutes- $40


One on One Guided Meditation

In a one on one guided meditation session I will personally lead you through customized meditation based on your goals for healing and relaxation. Depending upon on your needs, I will use Reiki, crystals, sage, sound, essential oils, or other energy clearing methods to bring you to a calm and peaceful state. This is great for those who are interested in beginning or deepening their personal mediation practice. 

60 minutes- $75

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