Foot Zoning 

1 Hour 10 Minutes - $65

My journey into wellness and alternative healing began 5 years ago when modern medicine was telling me to ‘keep doing what you’re doing’ with no real changes.  Finding others who had similar health concerns opened up a whole new world of natural healing and energy healing modalities. I was drawn to foot zoning because everyone can benefit from it.  We live in a toxic, high stress world. The overload of stress and toxins has made it difficult for our bodies to access the innate ability to heal that everyone is born with. Foot zoning accesses this ability and opens the physical, emotional and spiritual blockages to begin the healing process. Everyone can benefit from a little time for themselves and with foot zoning you can not only relax and unwind, but your body can begin to heal.

What is Foot Zoning?

Foot zoning is an energy healing modality that uses the body’s energy signal system to help the body heal and balance itself.  Foot Zone therapy is more than a foot massage. While I do rub your feet and it does feel amazing, I am activating your energy signals with a very specific intention and technique.


Is Foot Zoning the same as Reflexology?

While the two are similar in that they both use a map of the body on the feet, Reflexology is a system of massage that relieves tension and treats illness using reflex points.  Foot Zoning uses these points and energy pathways in a specific order.  There are 4 zones on the bottom of your feet, so no matter the illness or concern, I will do the complete zone on your feet.  Since all energy signals are stimulated, your body will heal in the way it is meant to heal.


What can I expect from a Foot Zone?

Most people find a sense of calm and relief during and after a foot zone session.  While you might feel pain during a session, a foot zone session should not be painful.  Any pain that is felt is an indication of something that is out of balance, either an emotion or an overload of toxins.  I will always listen to you and respond accordingly - I won’t force your body to release what it isn’t ready to release. We do release toxins from all areas of the body, so you may sleep better initially.  You may feel more calm and less pain. You may also feel tired and flu-like symptoms after the release of toxins. I strongly encourage you to drink lots of water before and after a session to help expel the toxins from your body (I usually feel very thirsty after both giving and receiving a foot zone).  These symptoms are a sign of the release of toxins, which is a good thing!  Spreading out the frequency of your sessions and working lightly over the signals might be a way to alleviate some of the negative effects.  But remember, the benefits of foot zoning outweigh the negative effects in the long-term!


How often should I get a foot zone?

On average, most people come in every two to four weeks.  However, listen to your body! If that feels too frequent for you, you can spread your sessions out further.  But, you don’t want to wait too long between sessions as your ailments may come back. If there is a specific issue that needs to be addressed in a more immediate way, one week between sessions is the minimum amount of time you should allow between sessions.  The body needs time to respond to treatment, heal and find balance.  


Is there anyone who should NOT get a foot zone?

If you’re pregnant, to be safe, I prefer to wait until the second trimester.  And postpartum, because zoning increases circulation, I prefer to wait until after the doctor gives the all-clear at 6 weeks.  

I also prefer to wait until 6 weeks after surgery of any kind.  

But, EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM A FOOT ZONE!  Children, babies, & the elderly.


*I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat specific diseases.

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